About us

Faraaz Tea is a family business; actually there are four of us in the family, Mummy, Daddy, our Son and Tea. We really love each other. My name is Maya, I am the Mum in our family. When our son was born, huge amount of love and huge amount of work and sleepless nights were just out of control. I was already a big fan of tea and knew a little about the magical properties of herbal tea. However, it was always for fun not rescuing. When I felt overwhelmed and out of control with a new baby I started to try different herbal and fruit teas and learnt more and more how to use them to change my mood. As our son grows our love for our son and tea grows as well.

I started Faraaz Tea and import premium HERBAL and FRUIT TEA in to Australia, something unique that cannot be found elsewhere. In the family of Faraaz Tea, We love tea and love to share our love with you. If you are a big fan of tea or you are not, there is always something in our collection for you to love.

Our products are a combination of innovation, Taste and produced using the highest technology in processing tea. With trade comes the responsibility to contribute positively to society on a global scale and promote a healthy lifestyle, our goal is to make sure you get the best tasting herbal and fruit tea ever and to feel great after drinking it. Faraaz Tea is proud to provide customers with exceptionally high quality products and services that are competitive in the global market, and we are dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction Australia-wide.