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Tea Talk Part 02: Tea House
Around a year later Melbourne became our son’s city! Yes our bundle of joy was born here! Days full of love and energy. Days full of unpredicted stuff. I had a feeling of floating ball in the ocean. Our little angle was one of those non stop crying kids! He was staring in my eyes for hours without felling sleep while he was only couple of days old! You can imagine how tired I was and how many sleepless nights I had while there was not any family support to give me some hours to rest. Hubby was at work most of the time and he was suffering from sleepless nights as well. He was tired enough to not fair to over load him.
Tea Talks part 01: How Tea started to talk
November 16, 2011 was the fifth anniversary of our arrival to Melbourne. We moved to Australia to stay for just a year and visit this beautiful country BUT we had no idea what the world had planned for us in our journey! We had already travelled a lot, drinking and tasting different foods and teas from different cultures, which was the attraction for us to not give up travelling easily.