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A Brief History of Tea

There is an ancient and mythical background for the tea. The history of tea returns to 2737 B.C.

There is a story which says the first time that tea was discovered accidentally was when a Chinese Emperor Shen Nong who was known as a smart and scientist ruler was in a garden, a tea leaf fell into boiling water in his cup and changed the color of water. The emperor tried it and enjoyed its flavor and after that he felt refreshed. The Chinese scientist and emperor took this as an important event and went through research which resulted in some medicinal uses for tea. Initially, tea was a drink for emperors. The first records of boiling tea and also tea cultivation dates back to Chinese. Laozi, the Chinese famous philosopher is said that he believed tea as “the froth of the liquid jade” and an inreplacable ingredient to the elixir of life.

Years after, Chinese began to develop new methods to process tea and produces loose leaf tea with various styles.  Later, in 16th century that tea was introduced to Portuguese priest and merchants and found its way to Europe and specially Britain. They specially liked the oxidized black tea. During the Ming dynasty in China yellow tea was unexpectedly discovered while producing Green tea. After a while, tea became a popular drink in Britain and later tea production and consumption was transferred to Indian.

In 1391, Ming court announced that loose tea is the only admissible tribute and after that tea production was developed and was distributed widely.

As mentioned above, tea roots in many different cultures such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iran, India, Taiwan and Thailand

In Iran, the origin of tea production is in a city called Lahijan in Gilan province located in north of Iran. The first tea cultivations were done in this city according to appropriate weather condition and soil quality. Lahijan tea is one our wonderful products which is available here 

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Lahijan Black Tea

What do you know about borage?

Borage plant from the family of Boraginaceae which includes a variety of herbs, trees and shrubs and has more that 2000 species around the world is being used for several medicinal uses and also it is known as an oil seed. This Mediterranean flowering plant that has now spread to Europe,North America and some parts of Asia is considered for its health benefits and medical use. Many people grow borage in their gardens. Additinally it is a good supply of nectare for bees.

How is borage being used ?

As mentioned above, beside being considered as an oilseed and its commercial use, borage leaves and flowers can be used fresh in salad or as a garnish. The flower taste is sweet and has ornamental use for decorating cocktails or desserts. Borage is largely used as dried herb and can be brewed as tea. The herbal tea can be made easily and can be used up to three cups a day.



What is borage good for?

Borage is considered for having lots of health benefits. There were lots of traditional remedies which used borage for increasing urine flow, chronic kidney and lung inflammation, pnemonia, tuberclosis and depression. Another traditional use of borage is to help itchy skin,wounds and eczema. For these problems borage is used externally.
Borage tea can help treat acne and reduce fever. It is also good for treating coughs, flu, colds, sore throat and some respinatory tract infetions. Moreover, Borage tea is used as a sedative and many people drink borage to have a better sleep quality. The borage tea is  sometimes used to cure hangover.
In manufacturing borage is use for skin care products. The Borage oil can be helful for regulating hormonal system, reducing blood pressure and choletrerol level and also improving the immune system.


Brewing borage

Making borage is quite easy, you need a cup of boiling water and 1-2 teaspoone of borage. Let it soak for about 10 minutes. Borage tea is ready!
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