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About black tea

 Black tea is my morning ritual as it not only helps me wake up and feel energized (thanks to theophylline and caffeine)but also give me a joyful taste. Besides, as studies has shown, black tea has lots of health benefits some of which are mentioned as follows.


What is black tea made of?

Black tea is made from leaves of a shrub called Camellia Sinensis. When the green leaves are exposed to moist and oxygen-full air, their color will change to black or dark-brown according to process called oxidation. Therefore, black tea is a fully oxidized tea and is in the category of most oxidized drink among  different types of teas in contrast to green tea which is made of same shrub leaves.


Black Tea and health

According to “” something remarkable about black tea is that this natural drink is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. Black tea is source of Manganese; a cup of black tea fulfil %26 of our daily need to Manganese and %3 of our daily need to Potassium.

Black tea is also a good source of polyphenols. This healthy substance are antioxidants which are helpful in protecting cells and DNA against damage.

Some scientists believe that these antioxidants in tea such as catechins and polyphenols may prevent some certain types of cancer like ovarian cancer especially in women. It may also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. But these benefits are needed to be confirmed through more research and larger-scale studies.

Some studies have shown that black tea supplement can enhance metabolism and increase blood pressure in some people. Changes in blood pressure can be a concern. Although over-indulging in consuming black tea is not proven to be harmful but as it may increase blood pressure in some people, it is better to use it in moderation(one to four cups a day).


Black Tea


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