Fruit Tea(100g)

The real Fruits and herbs not just essence and flavours!
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Our Fruit Tea  is a unique blend of 100% natural herbs and fruits that is rich in vitamins and minerals and beneficial substances for your body. We are proud to introduce our unique formula to strengthen, balance and nourish your entire system.

How to use Fruit Tea

  • You can drink Faraaz Fruit Tea cold as an Ice tea in a hot summer days

  • Also you can enjoy the warm fruity drink

  • You can mix Faraaz Fruit tea to prepare your own cocktail
  • Are you an ice cream lover? Faraaz Fruit Tea can give a buzz to your ice cream
  • You may even like to sweeten the left-over portions of this delicious Fruit Tea and use it as a tasty and aromatic dessert or jam.

  • Ingredients

    Rose hip, Hibiscus, Mango, Papaya, Orange peel, Raisin,  Natural flavouring

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