Tea Talks part 01: How Tea started to talk

November 16, 2011 was the fifth anniversary of our arrival to Melbourne. We moved from Sydney to Melbourne as my idea of my dream job as an Automation Engineer was here in CSL. We had arrived in to Sydney three months earlier with 30kg of bags each and our aim was to visit this part of the world. Why did we move to Australia? Good question with only one clear answer – ADVENTURE called!!!

We moved to Australia to stay for just a year and visit this beautiful country BUT we had no idea what the world had planned for us in our journey! We had already travelled a lot, drinking and tasting different foods and teas from different cultures, which was the attraction for us to not give up travelling easily. We love the secrets behind the cultures and rituals and how people around the world deal with their life. For us as a Persian couple tea was an intimacy ritual while there were so many reasons for other cultures we met during our journey.

Let’s get back to Melbourne and our first impression of Melbourne was: “What a busy City!!!” Yes, busy easily as we had accommodation organised in South Yarra and everything there was so busy compared to the quiet of Frenchs Forest in Sydney! It didn’t take us long to discover that we had to move suburbs to find some peace of mind!

Our last night in Sydney was a friendly goodbye party that lasted till 2 am and we needed to be at the airport by 5am! There was no chance for sleeping! A rental car already was booked for us at Melbourne airport and there was heaps of home inspections planned for the first day. We needed to find somewhere to live before the end of the 10 day free accommodation by the company that had hired me. Just imagining the chance to find a tea to drink was some disgusting tea bags full of colour, essence and artificial flavorings. After such a tough day all we really wanted and craving was a good tea.

It was a busy time of year in Melbourne and with no rental history in Australia it’s not easy to rent just any property. Kind of like the referral to the saying of “you can’t have the chicken if you don’t have an egg”!

We dealt with lots of home inspections, applications and rejections everyday but the worst part really was the lack of good tea!!!!

Finally, after 23 inspections, we found a brand new town house to rent! We really had to pull teeth as such and convince the owner that we were not some strange alien from Mars wanting to invade and destroy their home. After finally meeting us in person (to convince them that we weren’t aliens!) they relented and accepted our application. Yay, Hooray we screamed! At last! Welcome life! Welcome my lovely tea pot and very expensive good tea!

Yes our tea pot and two cups was the only things I had at home! We made our first black tea at new home and had no idea that it is a big new start for us!

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4/30/2017 4:12 PM
Excellent points, drueoreyfs, especially about the stress of big life changes.  Not that it makes my fascination with Cheez-Its any less fattening but it does help explain it!
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